A-LIGN Participates in Data Privacy Day as 2020 Champion

A-LIGN is proud to announce our participation in Data Privacy Day, an international effort led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, as a 2020 champion. Observed annually on Jan. 28, the campaign promotes the importance of data security, encouraging everyone to “Own Your Privacy.”

“Data Privacy Day works to encourage businesses to improve data privacy and security practices and educate [users] about the many ways their personal information can be used and shared,” shared Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director of National Cyber Security Alliance.

The number of data security incidents continues to grow every year, exposing sensitive, personal information and valuable data of users and businesses alike and as data privacy and security becomes more familiar to the public, users are increasingly concerned about who can access their data, but few understand how their data is being used, collected and shared online.

Data Privacy Day helps raise awareness about the importance of securing personal information online and encourages businesses to be transparent in how they collect, store and use data.

How You Can Get Involved

As we join a global effort to raise awareness to securing your information online, below you’ll find ways to get involved, content to share and how to be #PrivacyAware:

  • Petar Besalev, A-LIGN’s Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity and Privacy Services, explains the importance of cybersecurity for executives and how the security of an organization is now the responsibility of the executive team
  • Share five ways to promote awareness about the importance of respecting privacy and safeguarding data with your employees or coworkers
  • Joseph Cortese, A-LIGN’s Director of Research and Development, shares the top five cyber risks for children and how parents can help safeguard them


Learn more about Data Privacy Day and the National Cyber Security Alliance by visiting http://staysafeonline.org or how A-LIGN can help you secure your data online.