3 Reasons to Backup Your Data on World Backup Day

As more and more data is generated daily, this information often lives in only one place – local hard drives, smartphones or the cloud – and keeping multiple copies of this data, a backup, is often a process that is overlooked. As hackers and cyberattacks continue to evolve and become more prevalent, not having a process in place to quickly restore information may be a risky mistake.

Why You Should Backup

Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks. A report released late last year revealed hackers are shifting their focus from consumers to targeting organizations, using distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, phishing and malware in their attacks.

Hackers may choose to use ransomware, a specific type of malware that restricts access to a network and data through encryption, to demand money from an organization. If an organization chooses not to pay, any encrypted information could be deleted or published online. If an organization pays the ransom, there is no guarantee the encrypted network and data will be decrypted.

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These types of attacks, however, cannot compromise a network or data that has been backed up offline. Organizations that experience a ransomware attack will have an untouched version of their information to restore without being forced to pay an attacker’s ransom to decrypt their data. If you’re still not sold, consider these three reasons why you should backup your organization’s data:

  1. Restore Operations: By backing up your organization’s data, you can restore your information faster, keep things moving and avoid paying a hacker.
  2. Avoid Paying a Ransom: Hackers are aware backups of your data exist; restoring only works if that data is readily available. Save any backups offline separate from your network, and be sure controls are in place to prevent any backups from being compromised.
  3. Test Your Process: Test your organization’s backup process as often as you backup your information. A backup process that doesn’t work isn’t much of a backup.

Don’t Become a Victim

The amount of data generated and collected continues to grow daily. With much of the world’s information being stored digitally, it’s never been more important for organizations to backup their data. Despite this, having a backup process in place continues to be overlooked.

Tuesday, March 31, has been declared World Backup Day, dedicated to making sure organizations and users alike have a backup process in place and routinely back up their data. As new exploits and threats emerge daily as the cybersecurity landscape changes, having a backup plan could make a difference between a quick recovery from an attack or disrupting your organization’s operation.

After all, it’s not a matter of if, but when.


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