2017 Cyber Defense Guide: Part 2 [Free Download]

Malware and Social Engineering

As industries see an influx use of technology in day-to-day business operations, the cybersecurity landscape struggles to keep up and stay ahead of attackers.

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Data breaches can happen anywhere at any time. A common misconception is that breaches can only be executed through malicious software (malware). However, attacks can exploit the human factor using deceptive communications (social engineering) to access an organization’s sensitive and costly information.

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Recognizing the complexities of these cybersecurity issues, A-LIGN has released the 2017 Cyber Defense Guide: Part 2.

This comprehensive guide provides more in-depth descriptions about each type of malware and social engineering attack and their consequences. It can also be used as an educational tool for best practices to help prevent and protect your workforce and organization from cyberattacks. The 2017 Cyber Defense Guide: Part 2 provides your organization:

  • Definitions and examples of each type of malware and social engineering attacks
  • Statistics to help your business understand the frequency and severity of attacks
  • Prevention tips and best practices for each type of attack

With more than 20 years of experience in the data protection and security industry, A-LIGN understands the ins and outs of the cybersecurity environment. Our experienced assessors are dedicated to helping organizations run a more confidently secure business, through identifying potential risks and enhancing security measures.

Click here to download A-LIGN’s 2017 Cyber Defense Guide: Part 2

2017 Cyber Defense Guide