ISO 27001 Certification

ISO-27001-auditorObtaining an ISO 27001 certification exemplifies the maturity of your company’s information security environment as well as your ability to meet contractual obligations and gain a competitive advantage within your industry.

About ISO 27001

ISO 27001 provides an international methodology for the implementation, management, and maintenance of information security within a company. Becoming ISO 27001 certified demonstrates conformity of your Information Security Management System (ISMS) with the documented standards, and provides your customers with assurance regarding the security of your system.

As an accredited certification body for ISO 27001, A-LIGN can assist your company with the following audit activities:

  • Pre-Assessment: The ISO 27001 pre-assessment is designed for organizations that will undergo the certification process for the first time, and is only performed on an as-needed basis. A-LIGN simulates the actual certification audit by performing a review of your company’s scope, policies, procedures, and processes to identify any gaps that may need remediation before your company is able to achieve certification.
  • Stage 1 Audit: As part of the stage 1 audit, A-LIGN reviews your company’s documentation to confirm that it is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001.
  • Stage 2 Audit: Once organizations complete stage 1, you move into stage 2 which tests the conformance of the ISMS with ISO 27001 and your company’s internal policies and procedures. During A-LIGN’s on-site audit, we will perform testing procedures such as interviews, inspection of documented evidence and observation of organizational processes.
  • Surveillance Audit: To ensure that your organization’s ISMS continues to demonstrate conformance with ISO 27001, surveillance audits are performed for two years following certification. Certification are valid for three years.

In conjunction with ISO 27001 Certification, A-LIGN is able to offer the following:

Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

Choosing A-LIGN as your partner in becoming ISO 27001 certified benefits your organization by:

  • Achieving ISO 27001 from an accredited certification body.
  • Providing you with our experienced team of auditors with extensive knowledge and experience in ISO 27001.
  • Allowing you to meet contractual requirements with stress-free service.

The A-LIGN Edge

Our customized compliance solutions and streamlined audit process allow you to meet all of your audit and compliance needs with a single service provider. One-stop shopping means a stress-free audit process for you, as you work with one team who understands the unique needs of your organization. See what our clients have to say:

Benefit from Our ISO 27001 Expertise


ISO 27001 Inquiries

As an accredited certification body, A-LIGN provides additional information about our ISO 27001 services and our impartiality policy.  For additional information please select the following links.