HIPAA Privacy Rule

privacy-specialistThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) defines the policies, procedures, and processes that are required for companies that store, process or handle protected health information (PHI) in any medium, including electronically managed information, paper records, or oral communication. The HIPAA Privacy Rule, or the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, establishes standards for protecting the privacy of individuals’ medical records or other personal health information.

About HIPAA Privacy Rule

The goal of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is to ensure that PHI is safeguarded through the policies and procedures in place in your organization. Organizations that are potentially impacted by the Privacy Rule include:

  • Health plans
  • Health care providers
  • Health care clearinghouses
  • Business associates

The Privacy Rule delineates that patients have the right to: adequate notice of privacy policies; access their individual protected health information; disclosures of PHI; and request changes to PHI. Because of these patient rights, covered entities and business associates are obligated to implement privacy initiatives as well as physical and technical security safeguard to protect PHI.

As regulatory oversight related to HIPAA continues to increase, ensuring compliance with the HIPAA Rules becomes more valuable to your clients than ever.  Organizations who are unable to meet the HIPAA Rules are subject to steep financial penalties.

The areas that A-LIGN can cover in your Privacy Rule Readiness Assessment and Validation include:

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Notice of privacy practices
  • Sale of PHI
  • PHI Disclosures
  • PHI Access
  • Research Authorizations
  • Minimum Necessary Rule
  • Decedents
  • Employee Training

A-LIGN can provide the following services to your organization to assist you in adhering to the HIPAA Privacy Rule:

  • HIPAA Privacy Readiness Assessment: Does your organization meet the requirements set in the HIPAA Privacy Rule? Our assessors can review your organization’s policies and procedures as they relate to privacy and provide a detailed gap analysis to provide the opportunity for remediation.
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule Validation: Unsure if your organization can meet the HIPAA Privacy Rules? A-LIGN will review your organization’s existing policies, procedures and processes that relate to the Privacy Rule and ensure that your organization has the safeguards in place to protect the standards set in the Privacy Rule.

HIPAA Privacy Rule Solutions Tailored to Your Company

Choosing A-LIGN as your partner in becoming compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule benefits your organization by:

  • Providing your organization with a team of security and compliance professionals to assist you in understanding HIPAA’s impact on your organization.
  • Alerting your organization of serious findings as they are discovered so that your organization can begin remediation efforts.
  • Ensuring that your organization is compliant with the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, providing your customers with peace of mind.

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