SOC for Cybersecurity

The Perfect Match: Benefits of Adding SOC for Cybersecurity to Your SOC 2 Audits

Security efforts continue to change as industries evolve introducing new procedures, processes, and tools. To mitigate these new challenges, governing bodies continue to release new standards and guides to help organizations validate specific controls. As the number of audit options increase, understanding the capabilities and functions are critical. It’s important…

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SOC 2 vs SOC for Cybersecurity: 3 Main Differences

Organizations want to ensure that the personal assets of potential and existing clients are protected. To do so, organizations can validate their controls through a variety of assessments, but choosing the right one for your organization’s specific needs can be a difficult process. Through the new SOC for Cybersecurity examination,…

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AICPA’s New SOC for Cybersecurity Examination

As the data breach occurrences increase, organizations continue to struggle to demonstrate and maintain security of their data. To ensure that all appropriate measures are being taken, executives and senior management have begun requesting that their organizations demonstrate the effectiveness of their cybersecurity risk management programs through…

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