Our Mission is DEDICATION

At A-LIGN, everything we do is anchored in our commitment and dedication to our clients. That’s why we’re invested in a passionate, professional, and results-driven culture.

Our Core Values

Do the right thing, always



We believe that integrity is everything – and that our open, honest, and transparent approach to work is the single most powerful way we can support our clients and ensure success across our team. This core value is a pillar for a culture of responsibility, accountability, and unprecedented delivery.

Commit to quality


The level of service we deliver to our clients represents more than our expertise – it’s an extension of our identity as a business. Each member of the A-LIGN team is committed to delivering the highest standard of work, and seeks to strengthen client relationships with every audit, assessment, and interaction.

Innovate constantly


At A-LIGN, we seek to nurture an agile and forward-thinking culture by cultivating an environment where innovation is prioritized, and inquisitive team members are challenged to pursue better, smarter approaches to their work.

Be all in


What does it mean to be all in? At A-LIGN, it means picking up the phone the first time it rings. It means delivering on commitments for our clients no matter what. It means having necessary conversations, even if they are painful. It means finding as many ways as possible to bring value to our clients. We have found this core value to ring true with every member of our firm. While the words are simple – the meaning is monumental. In short – commit fully, engage fully. Together we can move mountains.

At A-LIGN, I don’t feel like I am competing with my peers. Everyone has an equal opportunity to advance. The success of others doesn’t hinder my own and vice-versa. The work-life balance is great, I can spread out my work, and pave my own path to success.


An investment in you is an investment in ourselves - that's why A-LIGN offers unprecedented benefits and opportunity to our team. In addition to robust healthcare benefits, disability and life insurance, and 401(k) matching, at A-LIGN you will have access to:

Training and Development

We offer highly personalized training programs that capitalize on your inherent strengths. You will be able to take advantage of on-the-job shadowing, a mentor program, formal training sessions, and our “buddy system”! Work your way up from Staff Consultant to a Director and choose your specialty along the way.

Cutting Edge Technology

Get your hands on the latest technology and a broad range of compliance standards. You will be given the latest tablet and access to our A-LIGN A-SCEND Application. Gain experience with cloud platforms, IT General Controls testing, virtualization technology, white-hat penetration testing, and more!

Education and Certification

We believe that your education shouldn’t end when you graduate. A-LIGN will commit to helping you broaden your skill set and knowledge well into the future. We will sponsor your ongoing education by paying for your certifications, including CISA, CISSP, C|EH, and more!

Healthcare, Disability and Life Insurance

A-LIGN offers full coverage insurance plans for health, dental, and vision insurance to all of our full-time, salaried employees. We also offer both short and long-term disability insurance, along with a fully-paid life insurance plan, to our employees.

Paid Time Off, $1,000 Vacation, and Sabbatical Month

You will get all major holidays paid and we close our offices every year for up to two weeks during the December holidays and New Years. We offer our consultants a week off with a $1,000 vacation bonus to do whatever they’d like with it. A-LIGN offers all consultants 15 days of paid time off. Your paid time off will increase to 20 days per year at your one-year anniversary. A-LIGN recognizes annual employee anniversaries to show our gratitude for being ‘All-In’ for our team. After five years with A-LIGN, we provide a paid month-long sabbatical to spend as you please, so that you have time to recharge and re-energize.

Travel Perks

As a consultant, you’ll be traveling to many different cities all over the world. A-LIGN offers technology bonuses to help cover your mobile phone bill, complimentary AAA membership, TSA✓® reimbursement for faster travel, and a daily per diem while in the field. In addition to our standard travel week of Monday through Thursday, we offer an “extended stay” option where you can choose to spend the weekend in your assigned city.

A-LIGN is flexible and allows me to finish my work on my schedule. I’m always interacting with A-LIGN leadership which is something I seldom experienced while working at a ‘Big Four’ firm. A-LIGN'S culture is more like a family and it offers a great work-life balance.

Looking for a career unlike any other?

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