Who We Are

A-LIGN – a nationwide security and compliance solutions provider – specializes in helping businesses across a variety of industries navigate the complexities of their specific audit and security assessment needs.


Exceeding Expectations – the “A-LIGN Way”

At A-LIGN, we relentlessly strive to exceed your expectations on every level in order to help you with any security and compliance hurdle that you may face. The ‘A-LIGN Way’ is a company-wide approach that ensures our team of professionals performs to the highest standard and delivers unparalleled support to our clients.

  • Prioritize alignment and fit
    A-LIGN is one of the only companies in the world that is a licensed CPA firm, Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSAC), accredited ISO 27001 certification body, certified HITRUST Assessor firm, and accredited FedRAMP 3PAO. The range of experience of our audit professionals allows us to assign the appropriate resources to your project based on the type of project, geography, or technology
  • Be a resource
    The security and compliance landscape is as vast as it is complex. Unfortunately, many businesses lack a trusted resource to help them navigate their options and understand next steps. Our principal objective at A-LIGN is to dedicate our expertise and understanding to you – to serve as a resource to help you understand your situation, assess your needs, and find a solution through the availability of our professionals, our whitepapers, our webinars and our blogs.
  • Ensure availability and accessibility
    At A-LIGN, we are adamant about making ourselves and our expertise available to you anytime, anywhere. Not only do we promise to respond to inquiries within 24 hours – one of our core values is to “Be all in,” a value to our dedication and commitment to be fully present and accessible to our clients.
  • Champion quality in every interaction and deliverable
    At A-LIGN, we believe that our clients deserve and should expect the highest quality audit work and deliverables. As such, A-LIGN has instituted a firm-wide quality control model to help guide the work and performance of our auditors. Because when it comes to helping you meet your security and compliance objectives, quality is everything.
  • Take a lifecycle perspective on security and compliance
    While your business may be facing immediate challenges related to security and compliance, taking a short-sighted approach to problem-solving may result in lost efficiencies and opportunities. We work with clients to take a long-term approach to building lasting security and compliance infrastructure that will scale with their future audit and security needs.